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Established in 1974 with the launch of its flagship media, the Korea Daily, JMnet USA has served to bridge mainstream America with the Korean and Korean American communities.

We carry out our duty to better serve 2 million Korean Americans through our proud community services including ˇ°One Stop Consulting Servicesˇ± and ˇ°Hananet Free Phone Directory Serviceˇ± that provide information and educational services vital for Korean immigrants.

We represent the true voices of Korean Americans, and we continue to serve as the frontier in raising voices and power of Korean community.
We have a strong international network of alliances with world-class media in the US, England, France and Japan, among others, including an exclusive news service and broadcasting partnership with Time Warner in Korea.

From newspaper publishing to broadcasting, production studios to movie theatres, JMnet has paved its way and widely recognized as the largest and most comprehensive media entertainment group in Korea.